Henna Hands Box Set


The Henna hands box set contains everything you need to practising and exhibit your artwork. Comes complete with Henna synthetic hands, Henna practice sheet, cones and a henna design sheet.

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The Henna hands box set includes:

  • Henna Synthetic hands (left & right)
  • Henna practice sheet
  • 3 Henna cones (brand may change from that shown)
  • Henna design sheet

The silicone hands are ideal for Henna practice and exhibiting of your work. Ethical, clean, and a non perishable synthetic skin alternative. Each hand is made using a two-piece mould method, a process which leaves a faint seam around the hand. These hands are an affordable way to practice and showcase your work.

What are the benefits of our Synthetic hands?

  • Ideal for practising and showcasing your work
  • No need to wait for previous henna to fade from your body, simply wash off the hands within 6 hrs and start all over again!
  • Can be turned into a permanent Henna gift. If you leave the Henna on for 24hrs it will permanently stain the hands which can then be offered as a gift for that special occasion!  

Please note: the colour and shade of our synthetic hands may differ to that pictured.

The Henna practice sheet with its left and right hand guidelines is perfect for practising your Henna designs. Its easy to clean surface is made from premium grade silicone to make it easier to apply and clean between sessions. Supplied in a medium skin tone.

Our Henna design sheet is something special to get you started on straight away. With elements for both beginner and intermediates.

All contents fit neatly in our Henna gift box.


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